This year Gymnastics Canada arranged for all disciplines to compete in Gatineau. Acro was in the same venue as tumbling, trampoline and double mini-trampoline for the first time ever. For the other disciplines, it was the first time many athletes and their families ever watched an acro competition. There were many questions and certainly a little buzz about the growing sport of acrobatics in Canada. We as spectators were lucky to see the top Canadian athletes compete. It was a thrilling Canadian Championships for all gymnastics disciplines!

The Canadian Championships was an amazing finish to the competitive acro season. Athletes from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec, and Ontario competed. OGC’s hard work this year has definitely paid off as OGC placed first in every category entered!!! Congratulations to our talented acro partnerships! For a few of these partnerships it was their last competition ever, for others they will be in new partnerships next year and for a few it was selection for the 2024 World Championships which will take place in September in Portugal. What an exciting year for acro with it being a World Championship year!

On top of that, Gymnastics Canada awarded Theo & Emerson Athletes of the Year and Coaches Scott and Greg were awarded Coaches of the Year. This was open to all Canadian athletes and coaches in gymnastics. This is an incredible first for acro! Thank you to our coaches for their dedication to the sport and to their athletes.

Left to right- Coach Scott, Theo, Emerson, Coach Greg

Our amazing OGC results and 2024 Canadian Champions in Acrobatic Gymnastics-

Level 7 WP Malika Ismaiel, Ava Cornelisz-Guerrero – 1st

Level 8 WG Manuela Tamayo Fajardo, Sophie Emily Santos Baciu, Haruka Kurishima – 1st

Youth WG     Serene Abufool, Abby Wong, Ivana Burda – 1st

Youth WP     Judy Zhang, Mia Zhou – 1st

11-16 WG     Natalie Rup, Ava Paul, Judy Ghafari – 1st

Anya Kifourkan, Nantia Chotza, Suah Choi – 2nd

11-16 WP     Ana-Maria Perez Salas, Sophie Burda – 1st

12-18 WG     Karyzza Guillermo, Jorden Diana, Lauren Marttila – 1st

12-18 MP     Jayden Rots-Chan, Lucas Izzo – 1st

12-18 WP     Joelle Attard, Marcela Rodriguez – 1st

13-19 WG     Juliana Summers, Sahsa Pioun, Ella Fedoration – 1st

13-19 WP     Maeve Doherty, Chloe Fiore – 1st

Senior MP     Theo Rots-Chan, Emerson Wong – 1st

Demo Level 7 WG Harper Contier-Loach, Sienna Bernardo, Sophie Cole – 1st

Demo Level 7 MxP Naiya Cornelisz-Guerrero, Ethan Fu – 1st


Oakville Gym
Author: Oakville Gym

Oakville Gym
Author: Oakville Gym