Recreational Gymnastics

Oakville Gymnastics Club is a place full of kids climbing, jumping, tumbling and doing all sorts of healthy activities, smiling from ear-to-ear. We offer a unique, healthy and safe environment for kids under the direct guidance of our specially trained coaching staff.

Gymnastics is an excellent way to develop strong bones and muscles, advanced motor skills, flexible joints and aerobic endurance in a fun and motivating environment. Our programs also develop balance, coordination, confidence and concentration. The personal development gained through gymnastics transfers well to social activities, schooling and sports.

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Important Information

Oakville Gymnastics Club will ensure that each participant receives the best instruction available. In the best interest of all members, we ask parents/guardians and children to observe the following:

What To Wear
Children will need to wear a leotard or shorts and a t-shirt, (or other comfortable clothing – no skirts, jeans, belts, buckles, or zippers), have hair tied back, bare feet, and no jewelry.

Arriving at the Gym
Once you have arrived at the gym and have removed your jacket, shoes, socks, loose clothing, etc., please wait in the lobby until the instructor calls your name or group. Valuable items should not be brought to the gym. The Oakville Gymnastics Club will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Parents and visitors are not allowed on the gym floor unless participating in a Parent and Tot class. Parents and visitors must sit in the observation area. Please do not talk to or otherwise distract the children participating in the classes. Any interruptions could result in serious injury.

Photography during training hours is strictly forbidden for the safety of our athletes.

Class Rules

  1. Students only in the gym – Only participating students are permitted in the gym area during class time (unless otherwise instructed). Students are not allowed on any of the equipment before or after their class unless supervised by an instructor. Parents are asked not to converse with the students while in a class situation.
  2. No food or gum is permitted in the gym workout area.

Start and End Times
Classes start and end on time. Do not drop-off children more than ten minutes prior to the start of class. Children must be picked up promptly when class is over. Parents are required to supervise children at all times before and immediately after class. Oakville Gymnastics Club does not take responsibility for children left unsupervised after class. In the event you are going to be late picking up your child, please contact us as soon as possible.

Please try to maintain consistent attendance. Gymnastics is a progressive sport; missing classes may cause your child to fall behind the rest of the class.

Minimum Age
Children must be turning the minimum age of the program they are registering for, within the first 4 weeks of the session start date. Children must be the minimum age of any camp program prior to the first class.

Make-up Classes
Due to coach/athlete ratios, make-up classes are not available. In the event of a cancellation, a make-up class will be offered at the discretion.

Nut Allergies
Due to an increase of nut allergies in children, all participants must refrain from bringing nuts and nut products into the Oakville Gymnastics Club.

Inclement Weather
Class cancellation due to weather will be listed here on our website, or you may call our office at (905) 847-7747 ext. 5.

If you have questions regarding your athlete’s instruction
Please speak first to the floor supervisor.
For suggestions, complete a suggestion form and place it in the suggestion box at the office.
You can email us at to leave a message for an instructor.


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