What a wonderful week OGC athletes, parents, family and friends had in Portugal. We arrived en force by plane, train and automobile. This is such a well organized and fun competition for everyone. The Portuguese crowd knows how to celebrate and support all the athletes with cheers, chants, claps, bullhorns and trumpets. Their enthusiasm was contagious. There were 2 venues and over 1300
athletes from 18 countries. Talk about a wild competition!

There were some very long days for our athletes and we are so proud of how well they represented OGC and Canada on and off floor. Cheering on our athletes with Canadian flags held high from the stands, watching them walk off the floor hand in hand and congratulating other partnerships in the kiss and cry area demonstrated their true sportsmanship. You all made us so proud!

We need to note three very impressive performances resulting in medals:

• Serene, Abby and Ivana placed 2nd out of 37 competitors
• Anya, Nantia and Suah placed 3rd out of 35 competitors
• Karyzza, Jorden and Lauren placed 3rd overall out of 54 competitors (yes 54 :)

D Base WG Serene Abufool, Abby Wong, Ivana Burda – 1st, semifinal 3rd, 2nd overall
D Base WP Judy Zhang, Mia Zhou – 2nd , 7th overall
11-16 WG Natalie Rup, Ava Paul, Judy Ghafari – balance 3rd, dynamic 22nd, 10th overall
11-16 WG Anya Kifourkan, Nantia Chotza, Suah Choi – balance 8th, dynamic 4th, semifinal 4th, 3rd overall
11-16 WP Ana-Maria Perez Salas, Sophie Burda – 3rd balance, 10th dynamic, 9th overall
12-18 WG Karyzza Guillermo, Jorden Diana, Lauren Marttila – balance 3rd, dynamic 3rd, semifinal 5th, 3rd overall
12-18 WG Sara Meneses, Kaitlyn Tofflemire, Amanda Chen – balance 44th, dynamic 18th, 37th overall
12-18 MP  Jayden Rots-Chan, Lucas Izzo – balance 3rd
12-18 WP Joelle Attard, Marcela Rodriguez – balance 11th, dynamic 11th, 8th overall
13-19 WG Juliana Summers, Sahsa Pioun, Ella Fedoration – balance 22nd, dynamic 15th, 21st overall
13-19 WP Maeve Doherty, Chloe Fiore – balance 7th, dynamic 7th, 4th overall
Senior MP Theo Rots-Chan, Emerson Wong – balance 5th , dynamic 2nd, 4th overall



Oakville Gym
Author: Oakville Gym

Oakville Gym
Author: Oakville Gym