The 11-16 age group athletes are part of OGC’s elite acro team and they currently train an impressive 21 hours each week with high performance coaches, Scott and Greg. This group has 14 members who all compete at the FIG 11-16 level. There is one women’s pair and the remainder of the group is divided into four women’s trios.

Back row: Emilia Ceconi, age 15; Ally Attard, age 14; Karyzza Guillermo, age 13; Juliana Summers, age 14; Charlotte Penner, age 16; Olivia Kopec, age 15; Laila Marziali, age 12; Sofia Marziali, age 14; Anabell Ceconi, age 14
Front row: Natalie Rup, age 10; Avery Lanoue, age 12; Faith Provost, age 12; Addison Chan, age 11; Joelle Attard, age 11

The 11-16 group competes at provincial and national level competitions as well as internationally. Several of the 11-16 partnerships recently competed successfully on Team Canada at the 2019 Pan Am Championships and many have also qualified again for the national team for the upcoming 2020 world age group competition in Geneva, Switzerland. All of the 11-16 partnerships will be also travelling to Belgium this April to compete at the Flanders International Acro Cup.

📸 credit: Carol Summers

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