The 12-18/13-19 group (also known as the jr/sr team) is OGC’s highest level acrobatic team. Many of these athletes have been training extraordinarily hard for many years to be able to compete the skills that they make look so effortless. To accomplish their goals, this group trains 4 hours/day, 6 days/week for a total of 23 hours each week with coaches Scott and Greg.

The group is made up of 12 athletes who compete together as a 13-19 trio, 12-18 trio, 12-18 men’s pair and a 12-18 mixed pair. Two of the athletes on this team currently train independently due to having partners who recently retired. Many of the partnerships in this group recently competed at the 2019 Pam Am Championships, winning several medals, and many are also competing on Team Canada at the upcoming World Age Group competition in Geneva.

From cover photo

Back row from left to right: 

Ashlee Chan, age 18; Cassandra Larner, age 18; Theo Rots-Chan, age 16; Marie-Ève Charette, age 17; Max Hendershot, age 17; Sydney White, age 16

Front row from left to right:

Maddy Perretta, age 13; Kristian Diana, age 14; Mila Disalle, age 14; Mira Boubou, age 12

Absent: Olivia Beram, age 12; Teeba Sabeeh, age 16 

📸 credit: Carol Summers

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