Introducing Team 2: (From left to right) Soraya (2004), Jada (2005), Mikayla (2004), Freya (2006), Eliane (2005), Seren (2008), Gabby (2008), Sophia (2010).
Jada competed Junior High Performance this year and qualified for Nationals.  Skills she is working on include Yurchenko full twist on vault, Yaeger release, Maloney, half in half out dismount on bars, BHS layout, side aerial, working double back dismount, full twisting double back on floor.
Soraya, Mikayla and Eliane competed JO Level 10. Some of their skills are:- Yurchenko layout, Maloney, shoot over to HS on bars, BHS layout, side aerial on beam,  double back on floor
Freya  trained JO Level 9. After an arm injury, she is working on a full recovery and getting back her skills.
Gabriella and Seren worked on Novice National, skills – Yurchenko pike, Tkatchev release, shoot over to HS, BHS layout, front aerial on beam, back 1 1/2 twist to punch front pike, FHS front full. Gabriella qualified for Nationals.
Sophia competed JO Level 7. She focused on tsukahara vault, Free hip and Toe-on circle to HS, BHS-BHS, side aerial on beam, back layout full twist on floor.
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