The other day I was coaching at the nest and then had to head over to the Main gym to coach.  As I was driving in my car I kept hearing a funny little bumping sound, along with what sounded like some scuffling of paper.  I thought maybe it was just my car making some strange noises.  I arrived at the main gym, grabbed my coaching bag and headed up to the office.  I opened my bag to take out my laptop and was shocked to see Tumblelina snuggled up in a sparkly blanket sleeping! I suppose she was too tired from all of her adventures at the Nest to fly over to the main gym, and so decided to hitch a ride in my bag.       

I let Tumblelina sleep while I went to coach, however, when I came back up to the office she was sitting on my laptop attempting to do my work for me:)

Tumbelina really made herself at home at the main gym as she made sure to say hello to Agnes in the office


She even made sure to keep herself and everyone safe by using sanitizer!


So keep your eyes out for Tumblelina girls!

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