We hope everyone has had a chance to have their son try on his singlet/ shorts and longs from last competitive season.
It would be cool if everything fit and no new items would have to be ordered- but with growing boys- well- it’s not too likely.

We will be doing a sizing/ order/ trade/ this upcoming Saturday between 12 noon and 1pm.
IF you have a piece of clothing that no longer fits your son and you want to sell it, please
place the washed item in a ziploc bag with the item/ size and owner’s name on it.
If you need an item- you are welcome to try and find that item for sale from someone used- or
you can order one new from Greg-

This is likely the last year for this singlet design (and maybe new shorts and longs next year??)
so used may be the way to go for one season- but it’s totally up to you.

Parents- please assist your son and the coaches to ensure the process runs smoothly.
Thanks in advance!

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Oakville Gym
Author: Oakville Gym